Wensi Ai

Hi, I'm Wensi (Vince) Ai

I am currently working as a research assistant advised by Jiajun Wu and Fei-Fei Li at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL). I received B.S. in computer science and applied mathematics at UCLA, where I worked as an undergraduate research assistant with Song-Chun Zhu at Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy (VCLA). I've also worked as a SWE intern at Metabit Trading. I am interested in computer graphics and robotics, specifically in human motion analyses in realistic and interactive environments and their applications in robotics and cognitive science. Besides academics, I also love to do all kinds of activities, including running, hiking, cycling, and playing the violin.


  • Jun. 2022
    I will be joining Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL) as a research assistant to work on projects related to Embodied AI.
  • Dec. 2021
    GenMotion introduces its first major release 0.0.4. It now includes more generation models, direct Python rendering support, and better formatted tutorial notebooks.
  • Jun. 2021
    I will be joining Metabit Trading as a SWE intern this summer to work on optimizing daily data generation workflow using Apach Airflow
  • Nov. 2019
    I will be joining VCLA@UCLA as a research assistant to work on projects related to multi-agent systems!